Since 2001, Amici has been serving our diners with “Authentic Italian Cuisine”.We pride ourselves in serving comfort food for everyone Our Diners include,. Kids, Couples, Families, Parties and First dates.Since our start we have been going the extra mile to bring the dining experience to you.We now have a catering arm serving Italian, Asian and International cuisine.

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Amici Catering & Events

8A Admiralty Street #07-17 Singapore 757437

+65 6542 5679

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Happy customer said...

Buffet at Matrix (Sept 2012) were great! I am happy with their service. They arrived on time and the staff were patient and very polite. I must say that food was good and value for money. I recommend this caterer.


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What Services Do Caterers Normally Provide? 10 Things You Should Know.

1 - Customer are often allowed to switch dishes among the customize buffet menu
2 - Buffet package come with tables, tablecloth, skirting & food warmers - A good caterer may customized event decorations upon your request
3 - Additional buffet set up may be chargeable per serving point (Additional serving point consists of buffet table with skirting and warmer)
4 - Full set of disposable ware & serviettes
5 - Chinaware, culteries & glassware available (Subjected to Additional Charges)
6 - Duration of three (3) hours only (Catered Food And Pre-packed Meals Should Be Consumed Within 4 Hours) - NEA
7 - Transport charges are from $35.00 to $60.00 (Charges may vary depending on district)
8 - Prevailing GST (7%) of total amount is chargeable
9 - Waiver of delivery for order above selected no. of pax
10 - They will clean and dispose the rubbish for you.

* With immediate effect, caterers have cease to provide takeaway packaging for all orders as according to NEA guideline.

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